Top 10 Best Things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Though many European cities are worth visiting, the Danish capital Copenhagen holds a special place on people’s bucket lists. Everyone knows about the natural astounding beauty of this vibrant city. It is a perfect amalgamation of culture, ideas, art and architecture being displayed in one part of the land. No wonder why it tops the list as the “happiest city in the world”. If you are researching the top things to do in Copenhagen, consider the below list to help you plan your Copenhagen trip itinerary.

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10 Best Things to do in Copenhagen

1. Visit the very famous Rosenborg Castle

Visiting Rosenborg Castle is a dreamy experience for everyone. Since the renaissance period when it was made by the architect Christian IV as a summer residence, for his personal use, you can see every drop of his creativity in every corner of this palace. It is a purely magical princely estate on the land of Copenhagen. The sea green roof and the vast spread walls of the palace just behind the beautiful garden are what every person hopes for in their summer house. This has been a must-visit destination for every city visitor. There is also a collection of the oldest fine wines that you can presume belonged to the architect himself, carefully preserved in the palace.

2. Take a walk in the Tivoli Gardens

You might be wondering if Tivoli Garden is your normal garden where flowers, herbs, plants and cool shades of trees would welcome you to provide that much-needed break from your fast-paced lives. Yes, it is that and more. It is a complete package for entertainment and recreation for anyone who visits the city.

Tivoli Gardens are an example of a year-round carnival with many rides, lighting, music, games and concerts. It has a total of 30 rides, with 4 roller coasters and 2 water rides. Here, you will find the world’s oldest roller coaster that is still operating. With all the rides, fun, and food, you can easily spend four to five hours in the park. No matter what one thing is for sure, you are going to lose track of time here.

3. Appreciate the art at Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

If you are an art junkie or are simply looking for inspiration, this might be the perfect place for you in Copenhagen city. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is a museum and a heaven for those who look for renaissance art and some of the most interesting artefacts from those times. Before you enter, lay your eyes on the unique pieces. A giant magnificent building welcomes you to take you on a journey of arts and creations. The gorgeous building covered with red marbles is a royal structure in itself.

Further, you would walk through the galleries and rooms inside the museum where you would see the idols and sculptures made by Carl Jacobsen, the son of the founder of the Carlsberg breweries. You can book your tickets to visit the museum on the museum’s website, where you can also know the schedule and other events and exhibitions happening at the museum.

4. Run up the hill at Copenhill

If you are visiting Copenhagen during winters or snow time then this place can be your favorite to have fun. Skiing is the major event that takes place during winters at Copenhill. Apart from that, this place is considered ideal to be visited by children because the recreational activities conducted here are very enjoyable for the younger ones. It is interesting to know that the idea behind Copenhill is an idealistic intention for a sustainable future. So, if you are among the people who care about the environment and don’t think global warming is a hoax then, you would love this place and admire the idea to see a foreseeable future like that.

5. Get around the city with Boat Tours

Watching the city from the water’s surface could be a different experience for you. Especially, when the boat tours are available to give you the perfect ride around the city. The boat tours are perfect for families and couples who want to see the colorful aesthetic of Copenhagen reflected in the waters. During the evening hours when the lights of the city are turned on that is when these water tours become more melancholic and scenic than day times. The canal tours are also a nice way to see the city through a different lens.

6. Take a dip at the Islands Brygge harbour

Copenhagen is the only city where the harbour water is safe enough to swim in or take a bath in. And thus, it has three popular spots where people would love to swim in. Islands Brygge Harbour is one of the three. It is also the most famous and a favorite for many people. The regionals, as well as the tourists, love to visit the harbour. It is also a great place for people to have fun with their families and friends. It is a different experience for everyone from the chlorinated pool water. The fresh natural waters on the harbour, under a clear sky and sunlit day, make for a perfect picnic afternoon for many. Copenhagen may be an expensive city, but this is one of the great free activities.

7. Spend time shopping at Stroget

Stroget is the main shopping area of Copenhagen. It is a high-end square where you can roam around and shop as much as your heart desires. You will find all the brands here. From Louis Vuitton to Bloomingdale and from Zara to Chanel, there is no stopping for anyone when it comes to shopping at Stroget. And at times when you get tired of shopping, there are good restaurants and eateries around where you can have delicious meals for yourself in the most elegant way possible. One of the most stylish cafes in Stroget is the Royal Smushi Cafe where you can stop for delicious snacks and beverages, You could also find a Starbucks for your caffeine needs to keep you going around the block.

But if none of the above is your priority. Stroget is still your mate. You will find a lot of benches here where you can just relax and listen to the music played by artists in the street. Evening vibes get different here with music and food.

8. Take a bike tour of the city

Apart from the boat tour and the guided tours in Copenhagen, there is another way of meeting like-minded people in this wonderful city that you would be visiting. There are numerous bike tours available for everyone. And if you are an adventurer and want to see this Nordic city with a little more up close and personal manner, then these rides are perfect for you. You can choose the type of bike tour that you would like to participate in. There are adventure tours, sightseeing tours, and food tours available for everyone and you can choose as per your preference.

9. Enjoy the Danish Cuisine

Though Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, the roots of the cuisines served here come from Nordic culture. Similar tastes, love for drinking and experimenting with desserts are the most delectable features of cuisines served in the city. Being in the capital, you will find a lot of places to try delicacies which would be a delight for you.

Apart from Danish pastries and blue cheese, you will find a lot of non-vegetarian dishes on the menu as well. One of the most notable dishes is Frikadeller which are a version of meatballs. Another famous food to try on the Danish menu is Smorrebrod which is a type of an open-faced Sandwich. It is regarded by many food lovers as notably delectable. Smorrebrod is a special sandwich that you would love to taste and there are special restaurants that serve the same to their visitors.

10. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Copenhagen

Copenhagen has always been very hospitable to everyone who has ever come to this ancient and magical place for trade or entertainment. In modern times it is mostly famous for its nightlife which brings more color and liveliness to the people who visit the city. There are many nightclubs in the city that can make your visit more memorable than ever. If you have the spirit of partying a lot, then you can head to some of the best nightclubs in Copenhagen. Culture Box, Rust and Vega are the most fun nightlife spots in Copenhagen that can make you party harder.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Nimb Hotel is a stylish boutique hotel just 5 minutes walking distance from the Tivoli Gardens. The impressive architecture and the views of it during the evening hours is going to charm you. Expect a luxurious and fantastic treatment at this 5 star hotel which will spoil you in one of the most gorgeous districts in the city. You can also spend time at the Nimb Brasserie restaurant which overlooks the Tivoli Gardens. The delicious food served at this restaurant adds more to the lovely vibe. The rooms in the hotel are very pleasantly decorated, comfortable and spacious. They are also filled with luxurious amenities. You can also choose rooms with a fireplace for a cozy stay. Danish hospitality will surely impress you during your stay in Copenhagen. The welcoming people, a splendid harbour, the delicious cuisine, the picturesque city scenes and many convenient day trips, like Malmo and Dragor bring in lots of opportunities of exploration that will keep you entertained throughout excursions.

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Visit the link to see the top 10 things to do in Copenhagen! This guide also shares where to stay in Copenhagen (top Copenhagen hotel) as well as what to eat and some tips for planning your Copenhagen itinerary! | Europe Travel | Europe Destinations
Click the link to see the top 10 best things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark! This guide also shares where to stay in Copenhagen (top Copenhagen hotel) as well as what to eat and some tips for planning your Copenhagen itinerary. | Europe Travel | Europe Destinations
Visit the link to see the top 10 best things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark! This guide also shares where to stay in Copenhagen (top Copenhagen hotel) as well as what to eat, Copenhagen nightlife, and some tips for planning your Copenhagen itinerary. | Europe Travel | Europe Destinations | Danish | Copenhagen aesthetic
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