MonaCorona.com | A Millennial-Luxury Travel Blog Created by Mona Molayem. 

MonaCorona.com covers luxury travel for a millennial audience who are aesthetically-minded as much as they are free-spirited and in search of new and unique experiences. Mona Corona publishes in-depth travel guides covering the most picture-worthy places both on and off the beaten path, while touching on topics that are important to the millennial generation such as responsible travel and ecotourism. In addition to covering luxury hotels and destinations, Mona Corona generously shares her best tips and travel hacks for how to make luxury travel more attainable.  Mona Corona’s philosophy is based on the premise that you don’t need to be royal to travel like you are; so go ahead and take your crown and enjoy the finer side of travel, again and again.

What is Millennial-Luxury Travel?

This type of travel is where adventure meets luxury. It’s 5-star hotels and one-dollar street food. It is authentically local experiences and going off the beaten path to find the untouched, underrated, and most Instagrammable landscapes. It is beautiful and lavish, but also a little rough around the edges. We are the wanderlusts, the digital nomads, and the location-independents. We like to travel often and we like to do it in style; but most importantly, we like to make sure our travel is sustainable, responsible, and leaves a positive impact on our planet. It’s not about being perfect, but about doing our best. We may not have the disposable income like those that come before us, but we like to spend our money on experiences over objects; and know how to save, prioritize, and are savvy enough to travel hack and find the best deals that will allow us to manifest the first-class travel of our Pinterest-perfect dreams. This is Millennial-Luxury Travel.

Why the Name ‘Mona Corona’

Mona Corona is a decade+ old nickname created around the Myspace era of early 00’s when rhyming and alliteration handles were popular. Mona’s last name, Molayem, (pronounced Ma-lie-em) is often difficult to remember, pronounce, and spell, therefore resulting in the easier pen-name Mona Corona. The catchy nickname stuck and carried on to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where Mona first grew her audience as a beauty & lifestyle influencer before launching the blog. “Corona,” which translates to crown in Latin felt fitting for a luxury brand, especially since Mona’s middle name, “Malka” means queen in Hebrew. Upon launching her luxury travel blog, no other name felt quite fitting, and thus MonaCorona.com was born.

Behind the Camera

MonaCorona.com would not be where it is today without Mona’s husband, Yitzy Davis — the blog photographer and videographer. Yitzy is a licensed drone pilot, and a travel hacking and points expert. Together, Yitzy and Mona put their creative drive and travel expertise to bring you a stylish travel brand that both informs and inspires.

Not sure where to start? Navigate over to the home page to explore destinations and begin fueling your wanderlust, or head directly to the blog feed to see the latest adventures. You can also use the search bar at the bottom of the page to look up your bucket list destinations. Want to learn more about working with Mona Corona? You can find that here. Need something else? Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

Happy Travels!