Why Leipzig, Germany is the New Berlin (Leipzig Info & Travel Guide)

Written by Claudi Bartsch for MonaCorona.com

Hi, I’m Claudi.

I’m a young-at-heart traveler from Germany. In 2015 I left my career as a bank marketing manager in the hopes that I could improve my English and experience something new. Traveling is a passion of mine; I love exploring different countries as well as experiencing and meeting new people and unfamiliar cultures. To share my adventures and to encourage people to travel locally the way I love it, I decided to start my blog last year. In this guest post I share all the Leipzig info needed for tourists looking to travel to my hometown.

3 years ago I moved to Cape Town, South Africa. I have been traveling many countries of Africa ever since. I can honestly say this amazing continent stole my heart, and that ́s why I mainly focus on Africa with my blog. Never-the-less I still love to come back to my hometown of Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is known to many as the “New Berlin” for its cutting-edge culture, art scene, foodie spots, and nightlife, but I have also noticed that there are many people that haven’t heard of Leipzig at all. Here are my reasons why it is worth coming to this amazing East German city and putting it on your bucket list:

Top Things to do in Leipzig

leipzig info
Think Festival, Photo courtesy of the author

Explore Leipzig New Lakeland

The mining industry has a huge influence in the area of Leipzig. After decades of extracting coal, an area of 70 square kilometres has been transformed into a breath taking lake district, connected by channels and waterways. The 22 lakes that have been created (there are more coming) offer a wide variety of activities. You can go on a boat tour, chill on the beach, do some watersport, relax in a beach bar, do some outdoor activities or dance your feet off at one of the various festivals.

My recommendations:

Lake Cospuden: Hacienda (beach bar)

Lake Störmthal: for relaxation and water sports

Th!nk? Festival and Highfield Festival

Visit one of the various galleries

Leipzig has an astonishingly impressive art scene. Many museums and galleries are based in amazing locations. Especially in the neighbourhood of Plagwitz and Schleußig you can find some in old industrial buildings, which have been renovated and turned into playgrounds for artists and young entrepreneurs.

You should visit:

Drink Glühwein on the Leipzig Weihnachtsmarkt

The Leipzig Weihnachtsmarkt (christmas market) attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you are around at that time, don ́t miss out on having a Glühwein (hot wine) and to shop some souvenirs.

Karl Liebknecht, Photo courtesy of the author

Spend an evening partying at “Karli” (Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse)

Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse is the most famous street of the neighbourhood.

Connewitz/Südvorstadt – You will find pubs, restaurants, bars, cute little shops, event locations and many many more. Strolling through the streets to find some nice souvenirs as well as going out for one evening is a must.

My recommendations:

Killy Willy – Irish pub

Hafenkneipe Leipzig – bar

Visit the Leipzig Opera

Leipzig Opera is an opera house with a history of more than 320 years. It is one of the most popular opera houses in Germany and one of the oldest opera venues in Europe.

Learn about Leipzig ́s music history

Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy, Richard Wagner and Robert Schuman – many famous composers have lived and worked in Leipzig. Going on a musical walking tour is a must when in Leipzig. The Leipzig Music Trail offers a combination of exploring the city as well as learning about the musical and cultural heritage

Extra tip:

The Open Air Concerts “Klassik airleben” are extraordinary concerts with the Gewandhausorchester and happen every summer. Don ́t miss out on that.

Discover wildlife at Zoo Leipzig

This zoo is one of the oldest and most modern zoos in the world. In 2011, Gondwanaland was added which is a tropical rainforest area.

Take a selfie in front of “The Monument to the Battles of the Nations” (Völkerschlachtdenkmal)

It is a monument to the battle of the nations, which was fought from 16th to 19th of October in 1813. It is one of the TOP historical spots to visit in Leipzig.

Leipzig Food and Restaurants:

You literally find nice places to eat in every corner, perhaps even better than Berlin! From Leipzig street food to Thai, Italian, Spanish, Sushi, Local…there is something for every taste. Here you can find my recommendations:

Fine dining:

Restaurant Drogerie
Restaurant Falco
Restaurant Cést la vie

Local cuisine:

Auerbach ́s Keller
Gaststätte Kollektiv
Gasthaus Barthels Hof


Best Hotels in Leipzig:

In the last years especially, many new hotels have popped up in Leipzig. However, the following ones have been in Leipzig for a while and are my recommendations of where to stay for a luxury holiday:

Steigenberger Grandhotel Handelshof Leipzig

Leipzig Marriott Hotel

Are you planning on visiting Germany soon? If you still need more convincing for why you should add Leipzig to your list of places to see, you can some more information about my hometown here. Enjoy Leipzig!

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A quick travel guide for Leipzig, Germany in Europe | Germany travel, Germany Itinerary | Where to stay in Leipzig, Best things to do in Leipzig, Leipzig restaurant | Leipzig attractions | leipzig sehenswürdigkeiten | leipzig geheimtipps | Leipzig travel tips | euro trip | germany destinations #leipzig #germany #europe
A quick travel guide for the German city of Leipzig! Discover the best things to do in Leipzig, where to stay in Leipzig and the top Leipzig hotels, Where to eat in Leipzig and the best restaurants, as well as the top things to do in Leipzig. You'll also read about Leipzig nightlife and art galleries. You'll want to add Leipzig to your Germany Itinerary, especially if you enjoy going off the beaten path. A great destination to add to your Euro trip! #leipzig #travel #germany #europe
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