Non-Touristy Things to do in Paris

Written by Lily Baron for Hi, I’m Lily. A writer, artist, comedian, musician and most importantly (to me anyway) traveller. Originally from Bristol, England, I have a blog where I write about my experience of travel and anything that travel inspires me to write about. For example, I have written about a weekend trip […]

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Off the Beaten Path Iceland Itinerary

Written by Cat Ahlberg for Iceland—the land of glaciers, waterfalls, tiny horses, and hot springs. Among travel locations, I hear more and more about Iceland as a destination. With the increasing popularity, affordability, flight options of WOW Air and Icelandair’s option to add an up to seven day Icelandic layover from Europe to America […]

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The Perfect Aruba Itinerary

Aruba is an island unlike any other I’ve been to. As the Dutch colony located in the Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela, what makes Aruba especially unique is its desert climate. White powdery beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters are lined with thousands of cacti and other desert flora. Houses and buildings are painted in […]

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How to Not Get Sick While Traveling (Or Ever)

It is no secret that traveling can wreck havoc on your immune system. Never mind that you are flying through the air in a metal tube of recycled germs, and touching surfaces that have been touched by hundreds of thousands of people from all corners of the earth; add jet lag to disturb your sleep […]

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The Best Road to Hana Stops in Maui, Hawaii

The Road to Hana is arguably one of the most beautiful drives you can ever experience and a must when visiting Maui. Lush greenery and waterfalls of every stature await at every bend as you twist and turn the coastal roads and deep tropics. Set aside an entire day to fully enjoy these Road to Hana stops, […]

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Luxury New Zealand Trip Planner

New Zealand Trip Planner

Luxury in New Zealand Written by Sarah Elisabeth Johnson for With lush landscapes, jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery around every turn, and award-winning food, wine, beer, and coffee, New Zealand is on everyone’s bucket list. While many go as backpackers, traipsing around the country in hired vans and used cars, hitchhiking to the next hot spot, […]

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Manuel Antonio National Park Tour & The Best Eco-Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

The Pacific coast region of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio is easily one of the most luxurious of all destinations in the country, and should absolutely be a stop on everyone’s Costa Rica itinerary. Hugged by lush tropical forests, white sand and warm, clear-blue water line the town as boutique hotels hang off the cliffs above. […]

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The Ultimate One Week Costa Rica Itinerary

One Week Costa Rica Itinerary

There is a popular saying in Costa Rica, Pura Vida which translates to “pure life” or “simple life.” While Costa Rica does emanate an essence of purity in its well-preserved ecological setting, there is nothing simple about it — especially when it comes to planning a Costa Rica itinerary. From rain forests to beaches, and […]

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Where to Stay in Maui + Everything You Should See & Do

Maui is one of the top paradise destinations for luxury travelers in search of both adventure and relaxation. My luxury guide to Maui covers a review of the Ritz Carlton Kapalua, whale watching during peak whale season, my personal guide for the Road to Hana, and the best places to see and things to do on the island.

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