Travel Hack: Free Plane Tickets to Bora Bora in 5 Easy Step (+1 Free Night in an Over-Water Bungalow)

Plane tickets to Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a dream destination for many, and for good reason. Staying in an overwater bungalow is a bucket list must for both the avid and novice traveller. While it is true that a trip to the French Polynesian Islands can set you back thousands, follow my step-by-step guide to learn how to hack plane tickets to Bora Bora for FREE! (I’m serious.) Need more inspiration to keep reading? Check out my Bora Bora drone video below or read my Bora Bora FAQ

How to Get Bora Bora Airfare for Free

Step 1: Apply for this credit card and also this one.

There are no first year annual fees on either card* and signing up will give you 60k points each.

Step 2: Spend $3,000 on each card to earn your 120k points. Put ALL your living expenses on both these cards to acquire your points quickly. Pay your home bills, your phone bills, car payments, groceries; when you go out with friends pay for all food and drinks and have them Venmo you back their share, go crazy at Sephora… what ya gotta do to get those points. If you don’t think your regular spending will cover it, or if you are looking for a different way to acquire points that doesn’t involve using your money or paying your bills, read this post.

Step 3. Use your 120k points to book your 80k point flight direct (from Los Angeles) to Tahiti via Air Tahiti and still have 40k points left over.

Step 4. Stay in Tahiti as a cheaper alternative to Bora Bora, or you can use your 40k points towards another trip (i.e. 25k points round-trip from LA to NYC which saves you hundreds of dollars) and use the money you didn’t spend for that flight to pay for your $200 round-trip ticket to Bora Bora from Tahiti (because you can’t use points to book local, inter-island flights.)

Step 5: Enjoy Paradise


Bonus! 1 FREE NIGHT in Le Moana Bora Bora Over Water Bungalows 

Applying for this credit card will give you 1 free night at the Intercontinental Le Moana in Bora Bora (or any Intercontinental) and will give you platinum status with IHG hotels. You can then book a regular room at the resort and use your platinum status to score a free upgrade to an overwater bungalow. Traveling with someone? Have them do the same and book 1 more free night for a total of 2 free nights in Bora Bora.

If you have any questions or want further explanations, please comment! And also let me know if you would like to learn more about credit card points, award travel, and loyalty programs.
*A note on credit cards and frequently asked concerns: Opening and closing credit cards only puts a temporary dip of up to 10% of your score, which should not be a problem unless you already have really really bad credit. After the year is up on these credit cards and annual fees begin to incur, don’t cancel the cards but rather call the credit card company and ask to downgrade to a card with no annual fee. Now you have the option of either putting the cards away or if you’re organized and can keep track of multiple card payments, then you can continue using the cards and accrue more points. When you eventually want to cancel a credit card, consider applying for a new one and using that credit line as leverage. You can then use the perks of your new card to travel hack to another destination. The IHG card does have an annual fee of $49.00 but it pays itself off because you get a free night voucher each year which is obviously worth much more than the fee itself.  Therefore, it is recommended to keep this card and use the free night annually.
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An easy step-by-step guide to get free flights to Bora Bora + 1 free night in an over-water bungalow #borabora #frenchpolynesia #tahiti #moorea

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