The Best Travel Booking Hacks (That You Probably Don’t Know) for Saving Vacation Money

Booking flights and hotels can really add up when planning a trip, and when you travel as often as I do, every dollar counts. These top 10 travel booking tips for saving vacation money will help you save big, and get the best deals when booking flights and hotels so that you can travel smarter and more often. Keep reading to learn my top 10 travel hacks and find my bonuses at the end for how I traveled to Bora Bora for practically free, and how to book business class flights for economy prices.

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1. Look for gift cards

Every once in a while Amazon will sell gift cards on sale (i.e. 20% off so $100 card would be only $80.) You can be notified when these deals come up by signing up to Amazon Lightning Deals. Another option is to search websites where people sell their gift cards such as,, or

2. Take advantage of hotels best rate guarantee

Most hotel chain websites have a “best rate guarantee” policy. The money-saving strategy here is to book on the hotel’s site while searching travel and hotel aggregation sites such as,, and for rooms that cost lower than what is listed on the hotel’s main site. Then you will show the hotel you’re booking with the price difference which can result in them crediting you back, giving you cash, giving you points, or giving you a percentage off your stay (every policy is different.) Keep in mind you have 24 hours to show them the better price you found, or if they have a flexible rate policy you can book that and cancel at any time.

3. Fly via hidden city tickets is a site where you can find discounts on one-way flights via searching for hidden city tickets. A hidden city ticket is when you purchase a ticket that has your destination as a stopover on a multi-leg flight (and thus may be cheaper.) If the flight you want is too expensive on regular travel booking sites, Skiplag is a good alternative to help you find cheaper flights to book. Warning: you won’t be able to check any bags (carry-on only because you’ll be missing the connecting flight where the bags are going) and you should not put your frequent flyer account on there or book a round-trip ticket because airlines frown upon this method and may cancel your return ticket if they find you are doing this.

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4. Take advantage of Expedia’s 24 flight cancellation policy

If you’re not totally sure about a trip you want to book, has a 24-hour flight cancellation policy where if you book your flight on a Friday, you have until Monday to cancel your flight because the policy runs on business days. This gives you the whole weekend to sort out your plans.

5. Use incognito mode on your web browser when searching for flights

Sites like Kayak, Expedia, and Priceline can raise the price of the same flight every time you search for it, so to combat this make sure you are searching with Incognito mode on in your browser (i.e. on Chrome).

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6. Search the airline ticket sites of different countries

Search your desired flights on different country’s websites such as to find better ticket fares. In addition to having a different pricing system which can produce cheaper flights, being charged in Australian dollars can also sometimes result in a cheaper fare compared to USD, Euro, or other currencies.

7. Use Priceline’s last-minute booking deals to save vacation money

With last minute booking on, you will be given a price, a window of departure times (morning and evening flights) the number of stops, and a handful of airlines but you won’t know exactly which flight you’ll be on until you book. I used this when I booked a flight from New York to Los Angeles the day before and paid $300 instead of $500 for a non-stop flight with American Airlines.

8. Buy airport lounge passes on eBay

If you don’t have any VIP lounge club memberships or credit cards that offer you lounge access, you can buy passes on eBay for huge savings. If a pass is about to expire, sometimes the passes are on sale for as little as $1.00. Airport lounge passes are especially great for if you have a long layover. Acquiring one for cheap can also help you save money if you plan to eat or drink in the airport. We all know everything sold inside airports are overpriced, but in the lounge you are able to eat and drink for free.

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9. Get dropped off at arrivals

Driving through airport traffic can be brutal. Especially if you’re stressing that you’re going to miss you flight. If you need to catch a flight during busy hours at a busy airport, get dropped off at arrivals and take the elevator/escalator up to departures to save you money and time. The way many major airports are designed is that there is usually much less traffic at arrivals than departures, so this hack will save you both time and money.

10. Be last to board

Be the very last person to board the plane and sit wherever you want. Sometimes this can result in a better seat such as closer to the front, more legroom, a window/aisle, or even an exit row without having to pay extra. If you don’t want to take the risk, you can always kindly ask the desk agent right before your flight if there is a better seat option available.

Lastly, if you are traveling with someone, always book the window and the aisle seat toward the back of the plane. You may get lucky and end up having a whole row to yourselves. If someone books the middle and you want to sit next to your travel companion, the middle seat will 99.9% of the time gladly switch for an aisle or window.

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There you have it – my best tips for saving money on travel! I’ve saved hundreds of dollars per trip by using the above travel hacks. Do you have any tips to share that aren’t listed here? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Have you ever had any luck taking advantage of a hotel’s best-price guarantee? I’ve heard that a lot of hotels intentionally use different booking conditions for different sites (like, a 24-hour cancellation policy on one site, and 36 hours on another…) so that they can hit you back with, “Oh, the terms and conditions aren’t exactly the same, so we can’t match that rate…”. I’d love to hear stories of it actually working!

    1. You’re right and you do have to be careful but it does work. I’ve done it with an SPG hotel where the refundable rate was cheaper on than it was on Since it was a refundable rate I wasn’t limited to the 24 hour window so I could cancel it any time. It takes work and a lot of research but you really have nothing to lose to search around and try if you’re booking anyway.

    1. Haha yes! There are so many amazing credit card benefits and hacks out there. I’ll need to do a separate post on just that! 🙂

  2. You’re right I’ve never heard of some of these! Great tips, definitely gonna try some. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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